6 steps to improving
your prospects

Grangewood's bespoke wealth management framework, YOURplan, is focused on gaining and responding to an in-depth understanding of who you are and what you want to achieve. We work out how best to help improve your prospects in a set of well-defined steps, in which we:

Step 1
Get to know you, your situation and goals
Step 2
Gather information on your current financial position
Step 3
Analyse how your position could be improved
Step 4
Offer recommendations and see which one feels like the best fit
Step 5
Design and implement a bespoke strategy
Step 6
Regularly review the strategy's effectiveness, and adapt it as necessary

In working with our clients, we are like three professionals rolled into one: a Life Planner, helping you identify what you want out of life and setting long-term goals; a Financial Planner, working out how your assets can be most effectively deployed; and an Independent Financial Adviser, sourcing the best financial products to meet your needs.

The right plan for your future

The YOURplan framework relies on a range of strategic and administrative elements. We use those relevant to your finances to create an individualised plan that helps secure your future and those of your loved ones. These include:

  • 'Know Your Number': a strategic assessment of whether or not you've accrued the amount of money that you will need to maintain a particular lifestyle for the remainder of your years.
  • 'Intelligent Portfolio': the design of a bespoke investment portfolio based on sound academic research and an understanding of your attitude to risk and ideal rate of return.
  • 'Life After Work': an evaluation of all of your retirement options, to ensure you make the easiest and most appropriate transition between living on earnings and living on accumulated capital.
  • 'Inheritance Planning': we look at different ways to minimise the effect of inheritance tax and ensure your beneficiaries enjoy more of the money you have worked hard to achieve
YOURplan's Features

Qualified to deliver

YOURplan is based on a well-researched protocol designed by the Financial Planning Standards Board (the body working to promote excellence in the industry) for use by Certified Financial Planners. Certified Financial Planners are tested and licensed annually to ensure that they maintain extremely high professional standards, and are able to offer the best possible advice to clients. Unlike the vast majority of people working in the industry, Grangewood's advisers are Certified Financial Planners. This puts our clients in the enviable position of knowing that the ability of their financial adviser to do a good job has been independently verified.