22 Dec 2020

The rise of the ‘Semi-supercentenarian’

We are all aware that with the improvements in public health, lifestyle, and medical advances that more and more people are living longer.

In the last decade the number of male semi-supercentenarians, being people aged 105 and over has more than doubled, whilst female semi-supercentenarians have increased by half.

Living to an advanced age is clearly on the rise.

However, there is often an expectation that women will live longer than their male counterparts, but the gap is closing, as in 1987 there were 4 times as many women living beyond age 90 as men, whereas in 2019 this had reduced to just 2 times as many.

This is a clear reminder that when looking at your finances it’s important to plan for financial security to an advanced age, as more and more people are living longer.