Our Awards

Continuing to impress the industry

Everyone at Grangewood puts an enormous amount of effort into offering our clients the best possible service. It is hugely satisfying, then, that our advisers' work has consistently been recognised in the prestigious awards run by Money Management (the personal finance magazine published by the Financial Times). Each year, advisers from leading financial-planning firms are tested on different aspects of their provision, and are asked to demonstrate how they would provide solutions to typical client problems.

Since 2008, Grangewood's advisers have been recognised 17 times in Money Management's Financial Planner Awards, including Allan being the winner of all awards before 2014 and Sarah being the winner since 2015 in the following categories:

  • 2017: Multi-Asset Planner
  • 2016: Structured Products Planner
  • 2015: Investment Company Planner
  • 2012: Investment Company Planner
  • 2011: Structured Products Planner
  • 2009: Investment Management Planner
  • 2008: Cautious Investment Planner